Arts 2020

Exhibitions: 4 juli och 5 september. Open 11-23.

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4 juli – 1 november

Eva Dahlgren – the musical genius from Stockholm who possesses a rare artistic ability to produce poetry in words and melody as well as in photography.
Efva AttlingWe are pleased to introduce a very strong woman! Welcome EFVA ATTLING – the jewelry designer from Stockholm, who combines glamor and sophistication with jaw punches and attitude.
Jocke Berg – the musician from Stockholm who delivers jewelry with powerful symbolism, combined with a sensitive approach.
Pelle Bull – the colorful artist from Deje who paints animals in his own unique style.
Villfarelser – the man from Storvreta who, through ingenious combinations of image, text, and desperate irony, delivers thoughts that make your laughter get stuck in your throat.
Depressiva Döden (“The Depressive Death”) – the artist and writer from Dals Långed, who unabashedly combines darkness, humor and mental ill-health while putting words to the impossible. 

Dan Henriksson – the ceramicist from Skoghall who got the feeling for clay from his childhood and who is inspired bad the contemporary.

Karin Lykke Groththe watercolorist from Holbæk in Denmark who depicts movement and moods and who never gets enough of playing with pigment and water.

Åsa Canbäckthe playful sculptor from Rydebäck who shapes animals from both reality and fairy tales.

Anders Malm – the oil painter from Hudiksvall, who with strokes of both darkness and light stylishly and humbly has achieved success in his small hometown as well as in the big city of New York.

4 juli – 3 september

Mia Janssonthe life-affirming raku potter from Karlstad whose driving force comes from chaos, stress and love for horses.
Orsi Mild –  the colorful and multifaceted artist from Budapest and Stockholm who laughs while she paints.
Carolina Levénthe artist from Karlstad and Barcelona who is inspired by fashion and colors and whose signature is colorful silhouettes.
Sara Nelinthe playful artist from Sollentuna who delivers subtle messages to the viewer.
Martin Johan Härdthe detail-sensitive artist from Yngsjö who presents the abstract and the concrete at the same time.
Susanne Fridh Fröberg – the creative artist from Hammarö who has a preference for color and form and who brings in the old Swedish art form Kurbits into the present time.

5 september – 1 november

Sina Eisler – the experimental art photographer and illustrator from Switzerland and Hammarö who takes the viewer on a journey of discovery through Lost Places and Hidden Layers.

Icons an exhibition about the right to exist.

Former exhibitor