Arts 2023

Winners of Lego Masters 2022: Emma Friman Browne & Andreas Lenander – the artist duo who create magnificent Lego sculptures
Trolsk – an enchanting exhibition that takes its roots in Nordic folklore and brings giants, ghosts and beasts to life
Robin Lindström & Synnöve Orebjörk – the stone sculptors who, through both mythology and geology, give voice to the hidden, and recreate balance and connection between man and nature
Mikael Lindgren –  the colorful pop art artist who guarantees trademark infringement, deliberate overstepping and really fake content            
Sara Westergren Nelin – the subtly humorous artist who offers delicate illustrations with both playfulness and sensibility      
Christel Khanthe artist who sculpts the power of nature and its shapes in bronze and ceramics
Linda Åkerblom – the wool sculptor who, through her cute and wooly lizards and snakes, makes people smile and creates warmth inside the viewer 
Lynn Hofmann – the creative watercolor artist who lets light and harmony touch the heart of the viewer
Tryckerigatan Konst & Design – the individuality-based group who through recycling and imagination create unique experiences in the form of ceramic animal figures and fabulous garden art.                       
Net trolls and Troll trails – a themed exhibition about invisible networks that create chaos, conflicts and false information.
AR-utställningen Vävda Rum

– En virtuell, fantasifull och interaktiv konstupplevelse på 10 olika platser runt om i trakten. Utställningen skapar kollektiva upplevelser i det offentliga rummet men genom nya perspektiv. OBS! Vernissage 20 maj. Tillgänglig till 30 september. Projektägare är Riksförbundet Sveriges Konstföreningar.


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