Arts 2023


The autumn exhibition will be an exciting one, with elements of soft textiles with origin and history, coexisting with shimmering opulence. The visitor can also go on a journey of discovery among dramatic stone sculptures with mythological signature, or step straight into a contemporary experience where multiple expressions show the viewer all the emotions of everyday life. Effective watercolor takes our senses out into the Nordic nature, and bold acrylic painting lures us out for a smiling trip to the countryside. In addition, memories get a boost through a watercolorist retro journey among pencil trolls and candy necklaces. Welcome to an autumn full of color, shape and imagination!

Exhibitions start September 30

Eneida Grenegård – the colorful artist with a fondness for cows, who fills her heart with life.
Tor Cederman – the versatile artist who pushes boundaries and celebrates gaud, diligent hands and an often forgotten history of women.
Kerstin Wessberg & Annika Eriksdotter – the artist duo who uses painting and photography as well as textiles and sculpture and who invite the viewer to all the emotions of everyday life.
Mimmi Scheibe – the watercolorist stuck in childhood nostalgia, delivering one hundred percent colorful retrospective art.
Malin Janliden – the watercolor artist who lets her calm, abstract paintings serve a sense of freedom and a peaceful break from norms and rules.
Robin Lindström & Synnöve Orebjörk – the stone sculptors from Värmskog who, through both mythology and geology, give voice to the hidden, and recreate balance and connection between man and nature.


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