Arts 2024


Containing more art experiences than ever, the Old Power Station – Gamla Kraftstationen- is inviting you to a dance where you decide the pace. We promise surprises, classics and quite a lot of wow-experiences! 2024 is the year when Gamla Kraftstationen is more musical than ever.

May 1st – September 29
May 1st – July 21
May 1st – May 28

DR CRIX – the masked artist from Hagfors who is inspired by cartoons and bad jokes and is constantly bombarded by new creative ideas.

JONAS BERNANDER – the courageous artist from Stockholm who, through AI-produced art, examines reality versus fiction.

RAWSCULPTOR, KRISTIAN SAAPUNKI – the sculptor from Gothenburg who imaginatively shapes life and its desires in scrap metal and clay.

June 1st – June 26
June 29 – July 24


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