Tryckerigatan art & design

The individuality-based group who through recycling and imagination create unique experiences in the form of ceramic animal figures and fabulous garden art.

Tryckerigatan art & design is a daily activity for adults which consists of a group of wonderful employees with equally wonderful staff. Workshop and atelier are located in Forshaga and here is a great opportunity for those who work to develop their creativity and interests in creation and handicraft. The techniques vary greatly as do the materials. Recycling is a keyword.

Recent years, ceramic works have been given a larger space in Tryckerigatan, where utility items as well as art creations are being produced. During the year finished products are sold in their shop “Titta in”, located in central Forshaga. 

In the summertime, Tryckerigatan collaborates with Gamla Kraftstationen. The collaboration has been going on for several years and both parties have great joy and benefit from each other. Tryckerigatan takes great responsibility for the outdoor environment, and in addition to leaf raking and other garden tasks, they also every spring fill  Gamla Kraftstationen´s garden with imaginative garden art. This year’s theme is peace. 

Welcome to enjoy playfulness and creativity at its best!

Exhibition period May 18 – September 17