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Welcome to a unique art hall with lots of art, exclusive concerts, the organic Culinarum Café & the creative Makerstation.  Come to Deje, Värmland, and experience the Old Power Station 2021.

Opening hours & entrance

November 27 – December 30 2021

Saturday-sunday 11-16.

Entrance to the art exhibitions:

Entrance fee: SEK 60

Season ticket: SEK 150

Up to 20 years no fee 

Guidance: SEK 90 (pre-booking only) 

Groups can pre-book any day of the week and other times than the general public.


The art is central, and every season we offer art made by well established artists as well as new, interesting talents. 

You can find this year’s artists here


Pay by card or SEK. Groups can be billed.

Guided Tour/Artwalk

The Old Power Station has guided tours for groups of at least 10 people.  The guided tour is partly outdoors, if the weather permits, and partly inside the industrial romantic art hall, which has kept much of the original interior. Information about the current exhibition is interspersed with anecdotes and history.  

About 30-40 min + own time to look around the premises.  Recommended time on site: at least 2 hours.  Price: SEK 90/ person.

We also offer guided tours in English.  Remember to state your wish for this when booking.

Pack the tour with something good from Culinarum Café

The guided tour is even better when combined with something edible.  Below are some of our suggestions:

Coffee package:

Guided tour / artwalk + freshly brewed coffee / tea and a tasty pastry SEK 150 / person 

Sandwich package:

Guided tour / artwalk + freshly brewed coffee / tea, a tasty sandwich and a small sweet SEK 180/ person 

Mingle package with Wine:

Guided tour / artwalk + sparkling wine, tasty cuts and snacks.  SEK 270/ person 

Mingle package with Beer

Guided tour / artwalk + Värmland beer, tasty cuts and snacks. SEK 240/ person 

Booking: You are welcome to book here or +46 72-553 19 90

Today´s Covid -19 restrictions

The person who  paid the entrance fee is responsible for informing the company they belong to.

Nobody has chosen the Covid -19 pandemic, but we all need to adjust to it. The same rules apply for all – regardless if you are vaccinated or not. Make sure to read all signs! Queues for the art hall, shop, cafe or toilet are always outside – no matter what the weather is like. Please keep a distance of at least one meter! Hand sanitizer is available here and there. By the toilets there is soap and warm water. 

Maximum number of people allowed at the same time in the art hall is 55.

  • Before you enter the art hall you will get a badge with a number on it. 
  • If no badge is available, please wait until someone exits the art hall. 
  • Make sure to wear the badge visibly on your shirt or jacket. 
  • When you exit the art hall, you leave the badge by the entrance. 
  • You are of course welcome back into the art hall, during your visit, if there is a badge available. 

Café Culinarum does not have a maximum number of guests – but:

  • By the café counter, where you order your coffee  or food, not more than 2 customers from the same company are allowed at the same time. 
  • By the tables inside, a maximum of 8 people are allowed when sitting down. This is true even if your company is larger than 8 people. 
  • You must sit down when eating and drinking. 

We all need to work together to follow the restrictions. Unless everybody helps in doing that, the Old Power Station can not remain open!


Limited accessibility in the area. The Old Power Station area is located in an old cultural environment consisting of a handful of older buildings and partly uneven terrain.  It may be good to know that the area is only to a certain extent adapted for those with disabilities. We hope that you as a visitor have forbearance with the fact that the area was not built from the outset to be a cultural arena, and that we have not been able to fully organize the area.  Of course, we work on the matter, even though it is a challenge, and we promise that it will get better and better for each season.

Parking: Those with disabilities, can drive to the entrance and park. The area is paved.

Power Station: There is a ramp into the building.  On the lower level you can reach a wheelchair in most places.  There are some minor level differences. Unfortunately, there is no elevator to floor 2, but we hope we can soon install one.

The Annex ”Längan”: Here is the entrance to the art hall, a small shop and toilets. There is a ramp into the building. On the lower level you can reach a wheelchair in most places.  There are some minor differences in level.  On floor 2 is the collective studio Makerstation. There is no elevator yet, but we are working to eventually get one installed.

Digital accessibility of art: Those who do not enter upstairs can to some extent take part in the art by looking at pictures of the works displayed there.  The images are displayed on a digital screen on the lower level.

Food allergies: Culinarum Café can meet most needs when it comes to allergies.  Talk to the staff when ordering food or coffee if you need any special diet.

Toilets: The Annex Längan provides toilets and changing tables. Here you find a RWC.

Maker Station

On floor 2 there is a collective studio where several creative young people have their own workplaces where they create and craft at regular intervals.  If you are lucky maybe one of them is here and you can see them in action.  Makerstation also organizes workshops and art courses that you can register for.

The power station’s shop

In the Annex Längan, right where you pay entrance to the exhibitions, you will find Powerstation’s small shop.  Here you find handicrafts, posters, postcards, etcetera which can be linked to current artists.  You can also buy something small and good to eat and drink that you can take home. Did you like the rhubarb nectar from Enbacken’s brewery or the chocolate pralines from Naturpralinen that you tasted in Culinarum?  Yes, in that case there are more of them in the little shop.  Welcome here!

Openings, concerts & events

Here you will find dates for openings, concerts and other events.

In addition to the interesting art exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events are also arranged. The season’s programs and openings are presented on an ongoing basis.  Keep an eye on our website and social media. Tickets are sold at or directly at the Old Power Station at regular opening hours.

The Old Power Station Music Club – exclusive concerts in a unique industrial environment. Since there aren’t so many seats, the concerts often get full. Buy tickets in good time.  – We also want to make you aware that all concerts are indoors. Always unnumbered places. Culinarum offers food, beer, wine, coffee.

About Gamla Kraftstationen

The Old Power Station in Deje is the first of the four generations of power stations which are gathered around the water fall located in the Klarälven River in Dejefors. The power station was built in two stages, 1906 and 1913. In 1906, five machine units were installed which consisted of Francis turbines with a turbine regulator and an electric generator, and in 1913 two more units were installed. Today, only three of the seven original generators and turbine regulators are left inside the engine room/art hall.  

The architecture of the early power plant industry is well represented in the former power station. Today, the Old Power Station boasts with a unique art hall, as well as music events, an organic café/lunch restaurant. Varied art is presented by many different artists and the art hall is constantly changing throughout the season. There is also a small shop with locally produced food products and crafts. 

With 11 meters high ceilings and much of the original interior left, we can offer experiences beyond the ordinary!

Any questions? Please contact us in this form below.